Competetive Spider 5D Build

Competetive Spider SDR-5D (ECM)

MWO Spider 5D Build Guide.

Spiders are very prominent Mechs in random matches and the competitive scene. Ever wanted to be that annoying bugger that zooms around the battlefield, shooting everyone, spotting everywhere while the enemy team is working their bottoms off to catch you? This is one of those Light Mech builds. A Spider 5D build (the variant with ECM) sporting lasers, AMS, ECM, and Jump Jets.

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There are several types of Light Mech builds. The two most important broad categories are builds, which can kill other Light Mechs and the ones which are adjusted to fulfill other tasks. This Spider 5D build is one of the latter. You should avoid fights with other Light Mechs and instead support your team, for example, by harassing LRM boats, spotting, and providing ECM/AMS cover.

MWO Spider 5D hints, tricks and playstyle

  • Never stand still. Use your superior movement speed to not get hit. If you stand still you die.
  • Never ever overheat. An overheated Light Mech will be destroyed instantly, and your team will flame you and they will be right to do so!
  • Do not engage other Light Mechs. This build is not meant to fight other Light Mechs. Disengage and flee to your team’s other Mediums and Lights.
  • Do not fire while turning with your keyboard. Instead, adjust your Mech first, then use your mouse to place precise shots.
  • The above rules are absolute and without exceptions. Folllow them at all times, and you will be a great Light Mech pilot instead of just an average nuisance.
  • Always soften your falls with Jump Jets in order to avoid unnecessary damage to your legs. A legged Light Mech is easy prey.

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2 comments to Competetive Spider 5D Build

  • WarHound  says:

    Nice build

  • Genesis23  says:

    good build, but throw the ams out. you are fast enough to dodge or avoid lrm fire for most of the time, and an ams only gives away your position. furthermore, the additional tonnage can be better used for better armor, upgrade the medium lasers to pulse lasers for more punch up close or more jumpjets. or a bigger engine even. speed is life and with the arcic cheetah as worst nightmare for a spider you need every bit of speed you can get.

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