Atlas Deluxe LRM Boat – More XP!

Warning. This is an outdated build.

Find Catapults a little lame? Already bought an Atlas and you don´t know how to effectively get XP and CBills with it? Want to be top3 of the scoreboard for 10 rounds in a row? Look no further. The Atlas Deluxe LRM Boat will make this all happen:

The Build:

Atlas AS7-D-DC

  • Standard Engine 300
  • Endo Steel Structure (can leave that one out if you don´t have the money because you wont be able to use it to its full extent with the regular config (will have 1-2 tons left but no more slots))
  • Maxed Armor


  • 3x LRM15+Artemis
  • 2x Medium Lasers (Medium Pulse Lasers with endo steel)
  • Do NOT put any lrm-ammo in your shoulders aka left/right torso! It will be very vulnerable to attacks. Distribute it evenly into all other slots (e.g. legs)

Playstyle and Tips:

  • As of the latest patch, Artemis requires line of sight. Your ideal position will be ~400-800 meters away from the target and ideally withing line of sight (e.g. river bank)
  • You are worthless in melee (LRMs have a minimum range of 180). If you don´t know what to do, fall back to your nearest friendly.
  • Conserve ammo by not overnuking low health enemies and only firing if you are absolutely sure the target will be locked for some more seconds
  • Exchange some ammo+heat sinks for an ECM if you are encountering a lot of light mechs
Atlas LRM Boat

Atlas LRM Boat

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