Atlas AS7-D-DC Best Brawler Build Ever

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Note: An updated version (July 2013) of this Atlas brawler build guide is available. Click here to view it.

One of my best friends, Strawberry5, has great success with an Atlas Brawler build, almost always topping the scoreboard and blowing scrubs to bits and pieces. This guide is the result of hours of grinding and experimenting and represents the, in my opinion, currently best load-out if you want to go toe to toe with your foes as an Atlas pilot. Be sure to drop by his profile and leave him a thumbs-up (link at the end of the guide).

Armor - StandardEndo Steel StructureDouble Heat SinksNo Artemis

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Build Info and Engine

  • Atlas AS7-D-DC
  • Standard Engine 350
  • Max armor on all torso partitions, reduce both legs to ~41 and both arms to ~52


  • 2x UltraAC/5 (7x ammo)
  • 2x Medium Laser
  • 3x StreakSRM2 (3x ammo)
  • 1x C.A.S.E. (3x SSRM2 ammo and 2x UAC/5 ammo in left torso)
  • Anti-Missile System (1x ammo)
  • Guardian ECM (place in right leg to avoid early destruction)

Playstyle and Hints

  • Always move at max speed (>62kph with upgrades) if possible. This will make your worst enemies (SRM6s, AC/20s, Gauss Rifles) miss your mech more often.
  • Use the high max range of your double UltraAC/5 to lay down suppressing fire and chip away at enemies during the first minutes of the match. Enemy LRM-boats and other long range builds will duck back behind cover and potential future enemies will have their starting armor reduced.
  • Always try to entangle your enemies in close quarters combat as soon as possible. You are one of the most fearsome brawlers on the battlefield; make your enemies brawl as well whether they want to or not.
  • Fire your UltraAC/5s by single clicking at all times (1.1sec). Restrain yourself from holding down the key as they will most likely jam very fast and your actual damage output will decline. Only gamble on your weapons not jamming when being faced with certain death.
  • If your ECM gets blocked (mostly by light mechs), switch to counter (hotkey J). Afterwards, find the ECM bearing mech and dispose of it with your triple SSRM2s and lasers.
  • Keep in mind that your ECM will not protect you from LRM barrages while it is set to counter mode.

Strawberry5 owns the battlefield #1



Strawberry5 owns the battlefield #2

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8 comments to Atlas AS7-D-DC Best Brawler Build Ever

  • MX2012  says:

    try dual ultra ac/5, 2 medium pulse lasers, 3 srm 4′s, and an ecm

  • randumbwon  says:

    62 kph is not fast, with or without tweak, it’s average. uac5s and ssrms are not for brawling, they do not make you a fearsome brawler, if anything they are harassment weapons. weapons you’re not even making full use of and wasting tonnage if you’re not double shotting regularly. put your ecm in your CENTER TORSO. if you try to play the long range duck game, you will lose to someone who has a higher alpha than 2 uac 5s, which is everyone who wants to. stick to cover and excel at something, there’s enough of it around that you don’t need to risk getting obliterated by trying to be a generalist which is not the ddc’s best role.

    • mechwarrioronlinebuilds  says:

      Why would I ever put my ECM in my CT? Its position does not influence its functionality and I have never lost it “never!” on a mech with over 200k mech xp while wearing it in my legs. Your CT is being pounded all the time if you run an Atlas (since everybody wants your shoulders) and the risk of it being destroyed would be very high.

      • randumbwon  says:

        Just because you’ve never lost a leg doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and is possible, especially when you recommend stripping the legs as low as you do. If your CT is getting crit you’re essentially dead anyways so I don’t see any situation where it matters. If that is your only response to my critique I’m slightly disappointed, as I was quite critical and expected some justification for what I view as suboptimal choices you’re espousing as “The Best”.

  • mechwarrioronlinebuilds  says:

    Sadly my time is very limited, but I can provide you with more in-depth reasoning for this build.
    ECM placement:
    If your CT is getting crit damage does not mean you are useless. It just means your CT is armor stripped. Same goes for the legs. If you are in a heavy battle and eating CT damage the last thing you want is your ECM to fail and be even easier prey. If the ECM is in your legs you can guarantee ECM functionality until the very moment you die. If one of your legs is gone as an Atlas you are really dead.

    Wording “the best” build:
    Firstly, this build is very versatile, has above average offensive capabilities (comparable dps, heat efficiency, ranges etc), top notch defensive capabilities (atlas+ecm) and is very fast (when comparing to other assault Mechs with similar offensive capabilities).
    Secondly, this build has never failed ever. I have seen this build used by four different people now always to great success. The maximum damage dealt of must chassis is the bare minimum of this baby. The shear amount of hours this build has seen provides enough empirical evidence that is not just a rouse, but a solid all-round build that does well no matter what.
    Thirdly, this webpage has the specific goal to be short and easy-to-use. Wording of the articles is not given much thought. It is the easy access to builds that is important. In-depth discussion will never take place on this webpage. In retrospect, the wording “optimal juggernaut” would be more accurate, but it sounds very lame, don’t you think?

    Lastly, I thank you for your extensive feedback. If you can come up with another Atlas setup that does the brawling/juggernaut job better or equally well than this one, please submit it here and if you can provide such a build I am pretty sure we will make a guide out of it with your name beneath it.

  • Svenn K  says:

    I just bought my D-DC was looking for inspiration on how to build it when I found this short break down. I’ll give it a shot since I’m a big fan of the UAC5 and see the value of those guns more than maybe the average player who are too afraid of them jamming. I do however have the same reservations as randumbwon against halving the armour of the legs since it makes you very vulnerable to leg biters. I can see it working in the current meta game, but if you come up against me I will always check the armour of your legs and find them ripe for picking.
    But in spite of this I will try out the build and maybe give you feedback on it when I see how it performs. As you say, most of the damage taken in CQC is to the torsos so the legs might hold up well enough.

  • spirthor  says:

    Not bad build in 8 drops, but I need more alpha in pug drops, the legs its no problem, normaly ppl only cut lights legs.

  • M AyL  says:

    I tried the UAC5 on the Atlas – but while I did pretty good – the new arsenal of medium mechs / PPC AC5 Assaults have made “ranging” with the Atlas rather problematic. It is, by all means, an excellent mech, but in the end in ranged battles the Atlas will always be the easier target. In medium range brawls the UAC5 are wonderfull until they get jammed. Even with total discipline, it happens. The SSRMS spread out damage too much.

    I settled on
    STD 325
    AMS X 1 ton ammo

    2 LLAS
    AC 20 X 4 tons ammo
    SRM 6 X 2 tons ammo
    SRM 4

    The LLAS give you range when you need it – but for the most part this mech goes from cover to cover until it’s med range.

    If it’s really hot with enemy mechs, shoulders are max armor – close in exposing the shoulder, turn alpha, then turn. Protect your AC20. Works like a charm. Don’t do this alone – Atlas work best with support.

    if it’s not too hot with enemy mechs – use your lasers to target, AC20, SRM10 – the SRMS will blow up any holes your AC20 and lasers made :)

    Don’t even try to range fight above 600 – you are a big target: always from cover to cover.

    ECM + AMS is a must : atlas are slow and LRMS hurt.

    I don’t do as much damage as my UAC5 build – but i get faster kills and is WAY more reliable – i tend to overgun most mechs. The trick is being patient and not closing in too early or closing in alone. Atlases are not one mech armies.

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