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MWO Shadowhawk 2D2 Build Guide.

It is now widely accepted (but not proven) that the Shadowhawk is the most versatile and viable of all the Project Phoenix Mechs. This build is another extremely good argument why this claims are probably true. A Shadowhawk 2D2 equipped with all the 270m range goodness (AC/20, Medium Lasers, StreakSRM2) will make you a fearsome brawler. Speed, firepower, agility, and armor are very nicely balanced making this an absolute bad boy on the battlefield. Smegmw from HBA is one of the first to come up with this build and many have copied it since. I have started to use it myself, and although I am a sh1tty Medium pilot, I melt faces with this thing, doing 400-600 damage without any basic upgrades. If you have ordered a Project Phoenix package which includes the Shadowhawk, I definitely recommend checking this build out. It is also very cheap to build c-bill wise.

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The armor distribution on the Smurfy link is close to optimal. Depending on your play style you might want to shift a few armor points from the legs to the arms. However, this won’t probably make too much of a difference. Also note that this build is very cheap c-bill wise. Assuming you have none of the parts you will only need 4.6M c-bills. You might want to add Artemis, as well, in order to improve StreakSRM2 lock-on times.

MWO Shadowhawk 2D2 hints, tricks and playstyle

  • Use your arms to absorb incoming fire if you can’t hide fast enough. If you lose one of your Medium Lasers, you are still more than fine.
  • Your main damage is coming from your AC/20. Make sure every hit counts and avoid firing it over great distances. Shoulders aka side torsos of your enemies are prime targets.
  • If you are running high on heat, stop firing your StreakSRM2s. If you are still on high heat, stop firing your Medium Lasers, as well. Focus solely on placing a couple good AC/20 hits.
  • Do not fire while turning with your keyboard. Instead, adjust your Mech first, then use your mouse to place precise shots.
  • Use your jump jets! They are not only for easier cliff climbing or poptarting. When engaging enemies, use them to look over small ledges and other obstacles which block your line of fire. You will most certainly get a couple of hits in before you are even there.
  • Always soften your falls with Jump Jets in order to avoid unneccessary damage to your legs. Some of your most important components are in your legs.

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