Shadowhawk 2H (P) Damage Dealer

Shadowhawk 2H (Project Phoenix Hero Mech) Juggernaut/Brawler Build

MWO Shadowhawk 2H (P) Brawler Build Guide

It seems that, in terms of actual combat effectiveness, the Shadowhawk is pulling ahead of the other Project Phoenix Mechs. This might change over time, as more and more builds are being figured out. However, at the moment Shadowhawks are destroying PUG matches on a regular basis. The Shadowhawk is the Project Phoenix’s Medium Mech weighing 55 tons. It has multiple hardpoints for every weapon type making it a very versatile Mech. Add Jump Jets to the mix, and you got a deadly and agile ninja, pacing around the battlefield, dishing out sick damage numbers. The damage is usually so high that a skilled Shadowhawk pilot with the right build must not fear a comparison with other Heavy and Assault pilots! This post will provide you with a rough outline of an allrounder build for the Shadowhawk 2H, the Project Phoenix Hero Mech variant.

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Pay close attention to the armor distribution and emulate it to the point. Once you have some experience with the build you might want to adjust a couple points to your liking, but this allocation is already very polished and prooved its worthiness in a lot of battles. If you don’t have the engine lying around, you can also make this build work using an XL-300 (drop one UltraAC/5 ammo and increase armor on legs and left arm).

MWO Shadowhawk Phoenix Hero Mech Playstyle and Hints

  • Use your right arm as a shield. If you have incoming damage (especially ballistics or missiles of any kind), turn your upper torso quickly. Your shield arm has no armor on it, but it will still reduce the incoming damage greatly.
  • At the beginning of matches and during long range stand-offs, use your UltraAC/5 to harass over great distances. It will wear down your opponent and, more importantly, scare him into cover.
  • Your ER Large Laser should be constantly firing. Whenever you see a target popping up somewhere: shoot it! This will amount to high damage numbers at the end of the round and is very easy to do.
  • The ammo distribution in this load-out puts a clear emphasis on extended use of the UltraAC/5. If you find yourself running out of StreakSRM2 ammo multiple times, exchange one ton of ballistics ammo for a second ton of StreakSRM2 ammo.
  • This build is not considered to be an effective brawler. If you are entangled in close quarter fights, move a bit further away. Do not stop, do not engage. Keep firing your ER Large Laser and StreakSRM2s and get the hell out. You can dish out insane amounts of damage, but you can not take a lot.
  • Weapon grouping advice: 1) UltraAC/5 2) ER Large Laser 3) Both StreakSRM2s 4) All weapons (optional)
  • For modules use any combination of the following (in order of usefulness for random public games): Adv Seismic Sensor, Adv Sensor Range, Cool Shot 9 by 9, Faster Target Info Gathering, Artillery Strike.

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