The Trollmando – A Death’s Knell Quick-Guide

Death’s Knell (Commando Hero Mech) Scout/Harasser Build

Time for another submission by the community. Today, we’ll take a look at the Trollmando. A Commando Hero Mech harass-build sent in by e-mail. The Death’s Knell build utilises all four energy hard points which are specific to this Hero Mech. It is not the strongest against other Lights, because it lacks the usual missiles and ECM. This build is more of a harasser aka pain in the a*s. For more information on how to play this build, check the Hints-Playstyle section below.

MWO Death's Knell Commando Hero Mech

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The above build has a BAP built-in for additional support while brawling and harassing. If you don’t think you need the Beagle Active Probe, go for the second build. It uses the additional tons to use a larger engine. This will make you slightly faster and improve your heat efficiency due to the extra engine heat sinks. Adding an AMS is also possible but you would end up with spare tons and less cooling.

Death's Knell Harasser Build Playstyle and Hints

  • It is highly recommended turning arm-lock off. All your weapons are in the arms, and one would waste agility in leaving it enabled.
  • If you have incoming missiles, run away. You are fast enough to get into cover easily, and you should because the Death’s Knell lacks ECM and AMS.
  • Try to draw heavier Mechs away from the main fight. Ideally, they spend a lot of time chasing you down, at which point you make your escape.
  • Be mindful of enemy Light and Medium ‘Mechs. A Raven with ECM and StreakSRM2s will destroy you. If you are entangled with enemy Light Mechs, flee and group up with other Lights from your team.
  • Use your superior speed to bounce between the battles. Try to shoot enemy heavies and assaults in the back. Once they notice you, back off and look for another place to harass.

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