Atlas RS(C) Classic Brawler Build

Atlas RS/RS(C) Classic Brawler Mini-Guide

MWO Atlas RS(C) Brawler Build Foreword

This is just a minimalistic guide to quickly present another guide which is based on a suggestion in the current MWO forum’s build guide thread. If you have an excellent build yourself, post it in there and we will have a look at it! We read through all guides and post the best ones here. This load-out was originally proposed by DiePrimateDie in said thread. It is an Atlas-RS-build with a heavy emphasis on close range damage. Since the AS7-RS and the AS7-RS(C) have the same hardpoints, you can use this load-out on both variants. An AC/20 and two SRM6s make you an excellent brawler. Add to this four Medium Lasers and enough ammo and heat sinks to fire all of this at a constant rate, you can deal a crap-ton of damage at 270m range. If it is within range, it is dead. You alpha strike will rip through enemy Assaults and Heavies in seconds.

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This build works with the RS and the Champion Mech variant RS(C). If you prefer the D-DC, check out this similar Atlas D-DC brawler builds overview.

MWO Atlas RS(C) Brawler Build Playstyle and Hints

  •  This build is very heat efficient and carries a lot of ammo. Do not fear firing your weapons at all times. However, do not spam aimlessly. Especially the AC/20 hits should be targeted on critical parts of the enemy.
  • If you encounter other heavy brawlers, focus fire their center torsos. Turn your upper body sideways, whenever you are not firing. You will be able to down an enemy Atlas without sustaining more than 20% armor.
  • Move the larger chunk of your torso armor to the front parts. The stock distribution places too much emphasis on the rear. See the values in the Smurfy-link to get a rough idea of how these numbers should look like. Approximately 20 armor for the rear side torsos is enough. Center torso can even go as far as 100 upfront and 24 in the back.
  • Weapon grouping advice: Weapon groups are completely up to you, but the following can serve as a field-proven starting point: 1) AC/20 2) All Medium Lasers 3) Both SRM6s 4) Alpha Strike aka all weapons you have (or bind alpha strike to a more accessible hotkey).

    MWO Atlas RS(C) Champion Mech

    I am not getting any money from PGI for showing their advertisements. I just didn’t find a better RS picture, yet :) However, Champion ‘Mechs are pretty good deals usually (bang for buck wise).

Link to original Author

This build is based on a load-out proposed by DiePrimateDie in the official forums. Thanks again for that one.

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