Quickdraw Brawler Build (4H)

Quickdraw Brawler Build

The Quickdraw is the latest addition to the heavy weight class. Its hit box is not the best, but it features jump jets and a lot of energy and missile hardpoints. This guide is just a quick overview on how to build a very good Quickdraw QKD-4H. Without further a due, let’s jump into one of the best Quickdraw builds for brawling. This bad-ass comes with three SRM6 and 4 medium lasers; a firepower comparably with two AC 20s. If you master the chassis this Mech will go up to 95 kph! There are only very few Mechs which can achieve this speed while maintaing that high a firepower.

View Quickdraw Build Online at mwo.smurfy-net.de

This version does not have an AMS installed. However, with speeds of up to 95kph this Quickdraw build is easily able to dodge behind cover or sometimes even outrun missiles.

Quickdraw Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Enable Arm-Lock in the options menu. Your weapons are spread over your whole chassis. It would be a shame if the shoots go everywhere as well.
  • The cooling efficiency is very good. Just group all lasers to one group and all missiles to a second.
  • When facing other heavies and assaults, shoot them right in the face and then use your superior movement speed and jump jets to get behind them. While they are wondering where you went, you will blast their backs with SRMs. If everything hits that’s a wooping 47 damage.

Link to original thread

The core layout of this build is inspired by a thread originally posted by Warchanter. Click here to check out the original thread.

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