Jagermechs Dual AC/20 (all Variants including Firebrand)

Jagermech Dual AC20

It has been a few weeks since the Jagermech made its splash in the MWO scene. Sporting easily some of the best ballistic hardpoint setups available, it has quickly become a very beloved (and hated) chassis. Especially the Jagermech dual AC 20 builds have risen in popularity due to their ability to quickly kill people in PUG matches. This guide works with every variant of the Jagermech. The last patch nerfed dual AC/20 builds alpha strike potential. However, your overall damage per second is still the same. More on this in section Playstyle below. To see which variant is best for you (apart from building a dual AC 20), check out the following list:

  • JM6-S : The most versatile of all the variants. Used in tournament play.
  • JM6-DD : Offers the most ballistic slots. Fun chassis for ballistic weapon freaks (dakkadakka!).
  • JM6-A : Has missile hardpoints, which the other chassis don´t.
  • JM6-Firebrand : Hero Mech. If you don´t mind the MC price, this will be a comfortable tool to farm huge amounts of c-bills in no time at all.

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As mentioned above, this build works with every variant. If you want more armor/lasers, tune down the engine to an XL 260.

Playstyle and Hints

  • Be aware of the latest MWO patch! You will overheat instantly when attempting to fire both AC/20s at the same time. Set them to chain fire (default hotkey BACKSPACE) and click twice slowly. If you overheat, you have clicked too quickly. This will reduce your pinpoint damage, but overall damage output will still be the same.
  • Aiming is key! You will deal a lot of damage by just firing randomly at your enemies, but you will kill them in seconds if you aim for the right parts.
  • You are very fast and agile (for your weight class and armament). Use this to quickly flank, flee, engage or whatever it needs to get into a good firing position.
  • Shoulders, rear Center Torso and Legs should be your primary targets. If your enemy is holding still, aim for the cockpit.
  • Do not try to hit enemies further away than a couple hundred meters. If your ammo is expended or you overheat, you are a worthless to your team.

Dual AC 20 Ownage with friends 2 Dual AC 20 Ownage with friends 1

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