Competetive Highlander Builds (October 2013)

Viable Highlander 733C Load-Outs for 12 vs 12

MWO Highlander 733C Competetive Sniper Build Guide

Did you ever wonder what some of THE most used builds in high-level 12 vs 12 look like? Well, wonder no more as this guide will show you some of the semi-secret builds that pro-level players are using everyday. This guide in particular will focus on the Highlander 733C. It’s hardpoint layout and high tonnage allows it to bring highly targeted damage to the frontlines while still remaining surprisingly agile for an Assault Mech. With the old PPC-Gauss-Sniper builds gone, the attention has shifted to other ballistic weapons, namely the AC/10, AC/5, and AC/20. This Highlander Competetive Guide will showcase three different versions of a Highlander 733C sniper build which is used by the best of the best.

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The first version is probably the most easy to use. If you are new to the Highlander chassis and jump-sniping (aka “pop tarting) in particular, I highly recommend this build. It is very effective even if you are not jump-sniping. A standard engine and AMS provide excellent durability.

The second version is basically the deluxe version of the first one. You will have more armor, higher movement speed, and enough heat dissipation to fire an additional alpha strike. However, you are also slightly more vulnerable since your Mech uses an XL-engine. This build is lethal in the hands of an experienced pilot.

Lastly, you can switch out the AC/20 for double AC/5s. Your firepower and pinpoint damage will be reduced, but your overall damage increases. The build is slightly more heat efficient and is more effective over long ranges. If you can work in a second alpha with only the AC/5s inbetween regular full alpha strikes, you will demolish every enemy.

MWO Highlander Competetive 12vs12 Build Playstyle and Hints

  • PPCs have a minimum range of 90ms. Do NOT fire them beyond that range ever. You will overheat and die miserably in close quarter fights.
  • All your weapons are on the right side of your Mech. Whenever you can not return fire, twist your upper torso to protect these weapons and absorb the damage with your unimportant arm.
  • Use your jump-jets to peak over rocks, buildings, and ledges. Try to release an alpha strike on your way down.
  • If you are playing in an organised group it is highly recommended allocating almost every point of armor in the front. If you are playing random games without a group, 15-25 rear armor are highly recommended.
  • Weapon grouping advice: 1) All weapons 2) PPCs only 3) AC(s) only
  • For modules use Cool Shot 9 by 9, Advanced Sensor Range, and Advanced Seismic Sensor. If you are running the 3rd version (with 2x AC/5s) you can play around with the Advanced Zoom Module in exchange for the Advanced Seismic Sensor.

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