MWO Patch Notes September 3rd Summary – PPC Nerf, Gauss Rework, and Orion Hero Mech

Mechwarrior Online September 3rd Patch Notes Summary

All you need to know about the MWO patch released on September 3rd. PPCs and ERPPCs got nerfed to the ground. Gauss Rifle has been reworked to be a long range only weapon. This also means that the Gauss Rifle can no longer be used for pop-tarting. The Orion is finally in the game! The Atlas’ little brother is a 75 tons beast. Also, there is now a movement tutorial in the game. New players should definitely check it out. Here is a TLDR for the patch notes:

  • PPC and ERPPC nerfed heavily (more heat, less speed, minimum range 90m).
  • SRM4 and SRM2 buffed slightly.
  • New Hero Mech: Protector (Orion chassis, 75t).
  • New Movement Tutorial.
  • Gauss Rifle reworked (requires you to charge the weapon before you can fire it).
  • Advanced Zoom Module improved.

Gauss Rifle Rework Explained

You now need to charge a Gauss Rifle for 0.75 seconds by holding down its button. After that, the weapon group will light up green, and you have 1.25 seconds to release the button in order to fire. This means, that you can no longer pop-tart as easily. This also means, that dual Gauss Rifle builds are probably having a resurgence. Here is an excellent Dual Guass build for the Ilya Muromets.

Help! I used to Snipe. What do I do now?

If you were running 2x (ER)PPC + Gauss Rifle builds a lot, you are screwed. You won’t be able to use these builds in the same fashion that you are used to. However, there is an OK solution to this problem: Exchange your Gauss Rifle for an AC/10. This way you can still pop-tart and snipe with one click. The build will run a little hotter, but you will also have more close-quarter defensive capabailities.

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Original Patch Notes


Greetings MechWarriors!

Can you believe it’s September already? (ORION) Wow time flies when you are working hard (ORION!) on features! Much love to those who know patience and understanding (ORION). This patch is (ORION!) dedicated to you.

Speaking of patience (ORION), this month the Orion makes its début in the game! The “Protector” Orion Hero ‘Mech is sure to be an instant classic with a paint job that is simply gorgeous. The Orion Standard variants will be available for MC on the 10th and for C-bills on the 17th.

We have 4 new Trial ‘Mechs! One of which is our new champion, a Centurion CN9-A ©, with a great load out for all players to try out. Don’t forget this New Champion ‘Mech comes with a 10% XP boost and will be on sale Sept 17th!

We have our first tutorial covering the basics of movement to help out new players. We will be working on more tutorials in the future as well. (ORION!)

Gameplay! Look at all those changes! (ORION) A nice variety of changes, some of which are small, and some are really big. Hello better Advanced Zoom!

Host state rewind has had some improvements, and as a Ballistic fan I couldn’t be happier! Now I can bull’s-eye womp rats in Canyon Network. (ORION!)

We have so many more great things on the horizon!

Until then, I will see you on the Battlefield! (And maybe at the Launch Event too!)

Matt Newman (with some edits from Garth)


New In-Game Tutorial

Click the button for the Game Modes menu (in the upper right corner of the main menu) and choose TUTORIALS.
You will be loaded into a tutorial that will walk you through the basic movement controls.
You will automatically use a Cataphract CTF-3D for the duration of the tutorial.
When the tutorial is complete you can continue to practice in the tutorial level or press ESC and quit out to the main menu.

(Link to tutorial post here)

New Hero Mech


“Protector” ON1-P

Tonnage: 75
Engine: 300 Standard

Top Speed: 64.8 kph
Max Engine Rating: 360
Torso Movement:

90 degrees to each side.
20 degrees up and down.
Arm Movement:

20 degrees to each side.
30 degrees up and down.
Armor: 448 (Ferro-Fibrous)
Internal Structure: Standard
Weapons & Equipment:

Left Arm: Medium Laser
Left Torso: PPC, SRM 4 w/ Artemis IV FCS
Right Torso: Gauss Rifle
Right Arm: Medium Laser

Left Arm: 1 Energy
Left Torso: 1 Energy, 2 Missile, 1 AMS
Right Torso: 2 Ballistic
Right Arm: 1 Energy
Heat Sinks: 10 Double
Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
ECM Capable?: No
Module Slots: 2
Movement Archetype: Large
30% C-Bill Bonus

New Trial Champion Mech


Centurion CN9-A©

Tonnage: 50
Engine: 275 Standard
Top Speed: 89.1 kph
Max Engine Rating: 275
Torso Movement:

100 degrees to each side.
25 degrees up and down.
Arm Movement:

35 degrees to each side.
35 degrees up and down.
Armor: 322 (Ferro-Fibrous)
Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
Weapons & Equipment:

Left Torso: SRM 4 w/ Artemis IV FCS x3
Center Torso: Medium Pulse Laser x2

Left Torso: 3 Missile
Center Torso: 2 Energy
Right Torso: 1 AMS
Right Arm: 1 Ballistic
Heat Sinks: 11 Double
Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
ECM Capable?: No
Module Slots: 2
Movement Archetype: Medium

New Trial Mechs

Raven RVN-3L
Centurion CN9-A©
Quickdraw QKD-4G
Stalker STK-5M


SRM2 and SRM4 cooldown times reduced to 2.5s and 3.25s respectively.
PPC damage under 90m has been reduced to 0.
Gauss Fire Delay:

The Gauss Rifle requires a 0.75 second charge before it will fire.
Once charged, the shooter has 1.25 seconds to fire the round.
If not fired during the 1.25 second charge, the Gauss Rifle will instantly dissipate the charge and require another charge to fire.
Both the cooldown bar and the weapon group ready light will turn green when the Gauss is ready to fire.
PPC base heat increased to 10 (up from 9).
ERPPC base heat increased to 15 (up from 13).
PPC/ERPPC projectile speed slowed to 1500m/s down from 2000m/s.
Gauss projectile speed increased from 1200m/s up to 2000m/s, internal health increased to 5 (up from 3).
Reduced the size of the Kintaro’s center torso hit boxes by increasing the coverage of the side torso and leg hit boxes.
Reduce lava damage/second by 30%.
Advanced Zoom Module’s implementation slightly changed giving it increased picture fidelity. Instead of returning to the default FoV before overlaying the PIP, it now zooms in closer and then applies the PIP zoom.
Small changes to the third person camera position and angle to better show off the lower half of the ‘Mech.

Known issue: The tops of the following ‘Mechs partially obscure the player’s view of where the crosshairs are aiming. A fix is currently being worked on.




Made various improvements to host state rewinding system and hit detection overall.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the ‘Mech walk animation wouldn’t adjust correctly to the Engine Rating.
Hanging cockpit items will now move when the ‘Mech walks.
Fixed an issue where the Kintaro’s lower center torso would clip through the upper center torso when twisting.
Weapon door light indicators in the cockpit are now working correctly.
Fixed a number of stuck bugs in River City, Frozen City, and Forest Colony.
Fixed some geometry clipping issues in Alpine Peaks.
Fixed bug where BlackJack’s rear center torso would incorrectly apply damage to rear side torso.
Fixed bug where Kintaro ragdoll would react wildly upon death.
Fixed a hang that could happen to certain users during combat.
Fixed a desync bug for the UAC5 where the client would incorrectly fire a shot right before jamming, where the server wouldn’t.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

 - The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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