Cataphract CTF-2X Dual SRM6 Brawler

Updated Version of this Cataphract 2X Brawler Guide is available!

Note: An updated version (July 2013) of this Cataphract 2X brawler build guide is available. Click here to view it.

This build provides a short description of a nice CTF-2X brawler build with relatively high damage output (whooping 50 alpha strike) while still maintaining a very nice heat efficiency to fight for extended periods of time. Long range combat is not recommended but you will still be able to harass over long distances with an Ultra AC/5.

CTF-2X SRM6 Brawler

CTF-2X SRM6 Brawler

Armor - StandardStandard StructureStandard HeatsinksNo ArtemisSorry, no link available, yet.

Build Info and Engine

  • Cataphract CTF-2X
  • XL Engine 255
  • Max Armor except legs (~51 each)


  • 3x Medium Laser
  • 1x Ultra AC/5 (~2x ammo)
  • 2x SRM 6 (~3x ammo)
  • 1x Anti-Missile-System (1x ammo)

Playstyle and Hints

  • Despite being a heavy and having a considerable amount of armor: play save, do not lead the charge. Use the increased speed from the engine to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • You will be an easy victim for LRM boats despite having an AMS and driving a heavy chassis. Try to avoid open spaces at all times.
  • If you spot enemies at the horizon, use heat vision (hotkey H) and zoom (hotkey Z) and place some single UltraAC/5  hits. Most enemies will duck behind cover and cease to or not even open fire.
  • If you are not proficient with SRMs, yet, set your SRM6s weapon group to chain fire (hotkey BACKSPACE) and fire single bursts. If you want to fire both missiles at the same time, double tap the weapon group´s hotkey.
  • Remember that you can use your mouse cursor (yellow circle) to aim your SRM6s.
Average round as CTF-2X SRM6

Average round as CTF-2X SRM6

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