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MWO Patch Notes July 16th Summary – Alpha Strikes, Heat Penalties and Victor

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MWO Patch Notes July 16th

Today’s Tuesday is patch day in Mechwarrior Online. Some long awaited changes have finally made it into the game. The patch notes address alpha strikes, sniper builds, victor, ssrm2 targeting and some other smaller stuff. The following list provides a quick summary for those who want the most important facts of the current patch notes straight up.

Patch Notes Summary TL/DR

  • You will now generate a lot more heat if you fire multiple weapons of the same kind at once.
  • The regular Victor variants are now available for c-bills.
  • SSRMs will now randomly target different body parts.
  • Regular SMRs had their damage increased by 33%.
  • You can now select a map when running Testing Grounds.
  • Crosshair Jump Jet shake has been reduced.
  • Atlas RS(C) Champion Mech can now be bought for mc.
  • You will take damage if you overheat (originally only if beyond 120%, now starting at 100%).
  • Various bug, performance and graphical fixes.

Heat Scale for Alpha Strikes

A new game-changing mechanic is in place which increases the heat produced from firing weapons if one fires multiple weapons of the same kind at the same time. This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of sniper builds like Stalker PPC boats, “AC/40″ builds and SRM boats. LRM boats, Large Laser and Medium Laser crazy builds are affected to a small degree as well. However, not all weapons are affected.

If you would like to learn more about this, check out this guide: MWO Heat Penalty System explained without formulas

Weapon SystemMax UseableHeat Penalty
AC/201very high
ER PPC2high
Medium Laser6low
Large Laser2medium

The first column indicates the weapon in question. The “Max Useable” columns indicates how many of this weapon one can fire at the same time without generating more heat than usual. The third column, “Heat Penalty”, describes how much extra heat per additionally fired weapon beyond the threshold you will generate.

MWO Patch Notes Victor

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Original Official MWO Patch Notes July 18th

Open Beta Update #21

Upcoming Patch – Tuesday July 16th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.231

Change Log


Greetings MechWarriors

Top 10 Awesome things in this patch. #inmyopinion

Number 10. Visual bug Fixes – Bye Bye Flickering terrain! #thatisbetter

Number 9. Performance Improvements! We’ve been hard at work optimizing the code so 12 v 12 won’t hurt your frames as much. #cantwaitfor12vs12

Number 8. The Victor is available for C-bills now! Those with mech bays and fat C-bill accounts are recommended to purchase this ‘Mech immediately. #greatmech

Number 7...

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