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Project Phoenix Mechs vs Standard Variants Art Leaked

Project Phoenix Mech Models and Textures Revealed

Over at Google+, some crafty community members found what seems like the Project Phoenix Mechs geometries. The four Project Phoenix Hero Mechs will have unique geometry and textures, as well, as a bonus to c-bills earned and loyalty points (which probably have something to do with the community warfare, but no details are known, yet). It remains to be seen if these textures are official, but at the moment, there is no evidence to indicate otherwise.

Also notice the small icons on the textures. Some of the say the corresponding Project Phoenix package name. If you are still unsure wether to buy the Project Phoenix package or not, check out this comprehensive MC calculation. You might also click through some of the links at the bottom of this post.

Until then, enjoy the sneak peak images. Click the images to view in high quality.

Locust Standard variant vs Locust Hero Mech

The Locust will be the smallest Mech of the project and the lightest Mech in all of Mechwarrior Online to date. It weighs only 20 tons and comes with multiple ballistic slots.

Project Phoenix Locust Hero Mech vs regular variant

Shadow Hawk Standard variant vs Shadow Hawk Hero Mech

The Shadow Hawk weighs 55 tons and features up to 3 ballistic slots combined with jump jets.



Project Phoenix Shadow Hawk Hero Mech vs regular variant



Thunderbolt Standard variant vs Thunderbolt Hero Mech

Thunderbolt is the heavy Mech of the package with 65 tons. The Mech has multiple ballistic, energy and missile hardpoints but no jump jets.

Project Phoenix Thunderbolt Hawk Hero Mech vs regular variant


Battlemaster Standard variant vs Battlemaster Hero Mech

The assault slot is filled by the Battlemaster. 85 tons of pure death. It lacks jump jets but has multiple hardpoints in each category making it a fearsome opponent.


Project Phoenix Battlemaster Hero Mech vs regular variant


Links to check out

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