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Jagermech JM6-DD Ballistic Build – Maximum Dakka!

Jagermech DD Ballistic Build with ACs and lots of Dakka!

MWO Jagermech DD Ballistic Build Brawler Guides

Jagermechs are revered and feared for their high amount of ballistic slots. This Jagermech DD build utilises all 6 (in words “six”) ballistic hardpoints. A guide that will blow your mind, enemies, and your headset to bits. The build is a lot of fun to play and still more than effective enough to destroy PUG games. The idea for this build comes from a good friend of mine, Strawberry5. He is a decent¬†pilot, knows how to think out of the box, and pilots his Jagermechs (including a Firebrand) with great skill.

MWO Maximum Dakka!

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In order to accompany all the heavy ballistic weapons in this chassis, the armor has been reduced to the bare minimum. It is also recommended that you put a high emphasis on the front side torsos and only put minimalistic amounts of armor on your rear shoulders. Downsizing the engine is not recommended, since your Mech will already move very slowly.

MWO Jagermech DD Build Wallpaper

Misery Hybrid Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Use the Jagermech’s unique geometry to expose yourself as little as possible. The ballistic weapon hardpoints are mounted on a very high position. Try to get a feeling for how far you must expose your Mech in order to fire. Never go further out than necessary.
  • Try to fight at range if possible. The double Machine Guns and Small Lasers increase your close range damage a lot. However, the low movement speed and minimalistic armor values will ensure a quick death if you are caught off guard by other more heavily armored brawlers with SRMs and the like.
  • If you become¬†entangled in a fire fight which you would probably lose, retreat immediately, but also try to keep firing while doing so. The screen shaking power of four ballistic weapons will make it impossible for the enemy to aim at your properly and many players will be scared by the special effects shrouding their screens.

MWO Jagermech DD Ballistic Build Screenshots

MWO Jagermech DD Nice Round 1MWO Jagermech DD Nice Round 2



Link to original Author

The build which forms the core of this guide was invented and provided by Strawberry5.

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