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Cataphract Quad AC/2 Screenshaker Build

Caution, old build!

Please note: This guide may still be viable, but is very old.
You will probably find better ones or will need to tweak a few things. In addition, some or all meta game information and play style/hints may include outdated information. As soon as an updated version is available, it will be shown here. If you have up-to-date information on how to improve this build, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

With the latest patch from November 20th a new heavy mech has been deployed to the field: the Cataphract! One of the most appealing variants is the CTF-4X due to its four (4(!)) ballistic slots. Now lets see what one can do with this:

Cataphract Mech Image

The Build:

Cataphract CTF-4X

  • Standard Engine 210
  • Endo Steel Structure
  • Double Heat Sinks (~13)
  • Maxed Armor


  • 4x AC/2 Autocannon
  • 2x Medium Laser
  • 8x AC/2 ammo (put 4 in legs and 4 in torso protected with CASE)

Playstyle and Tips:

  • The ammo is very expensive so try to work with auto 75% rearm (turn auto-ream off and launch into new match).
  • Do not brawl first row. If you get caught in a melee fight with an Atlas you will likely lose. Try to stay in the 2nd row or keep at least 200+ distance.
  • If you find a Gausspult (Catapult armed with 2x Gauss Rifles) fire at it! The screen shaking from 4x AC/2 will ensure that the Gausscat cannot aim properly and will be rendered useless.
  • Only fire your lasers when encountering light mechs or when you have run out of ammo.
  • Set weapons to alternating (by pressing BACKSPACE) to maximize fun for yourself and screenshaking for your foes.
  • If you find yourself overheating a lot, try to fire in short bursts rather than holding down the trigger.
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