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Battlemaster BLR-1G (P) Devastator Build

Battlemaster 1G (Phoenix Hero Variant) Pubstomper Guide

MWO Battlemaster 1G Sniper Brawler Build Guide

Project Phoenix has arrived, and people have already come up with decent builds for Shadowhawks and Locusts. However, good Battlemaster builds are much harder to come by. The build presented here is a big mile stone in the development of the Battlemaster. It has everything you need: Long range high pinpoint damage, close quarter punch, and above average survivability. Two AC/5s and a single PPC provide excellent sniping and fire support capabilities. Six (6!) Medium Lasers allow you to dish out insane damage at close range. You can also continue to fire your double AC/5s while brawling. Finally, the Battlemaster is an Assault Mech and this build utilises a standard engine making it very durable. Let’s take a look at the build.

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There are a few minor adjustments possible, depending on your preferred play style. For example, if you are more comfortable having all sniper weapons on your arms for increased precision, you can swap the PPC to your right arm and move the Medium Laser to the torso. While this is more comfortable, it is also less effective. Sniping around corners becomes more difficult and you will lose more important weapons when using your right arm as a shield arm. Addition of AMS is also possible, just remove any of the Medium Lasers, AC/5 ammo, or DHS to free up the tonnage. However, do not remove armor from your head. The cockpit is really easy to hit at the moment and you need every point of armor on it.

MWO Battlemaster Sniper Build Playstyle and Hints

  • PPCs have a minimum range of 90ms. Do not fire them beyond that range ever. You will overheat and die miserably.
  • In high heat situations stop firing your PPCs immediately. You will always do more damage, if you do not overheat and use your AC/5s exclusively.
  • AC/5s reload much faster than PPCs. Try working in at least one additional AC/5s salvo in between PPC recycle times when engaged at longer ranges.
  • Use your right arm as a shield. One of your most vulnerable spots is you center torso. Try to protect it at all times.
  • The Battlermaster’s upper torso twisting angle is very crappy. Keep this in mind when crossing through open spaces. Try to back up against a wall when engaged in close quarters.
  • If you are playing in an organised group it is highly recommended allocating almost every point of armor in the front. If you are playing random games without a group, 10-25 rear armor are probably the better choice.
  • Weapon grouping advice: 1) PPC and both AC/5s 2) All Medium Lasers 3) Both AC/5s only
  • For modules use Cool Shot 9 by 9, Advanced Sensor Range, and Advanced Seismic Sensor. You can play around with the Advanced Zoom Module in exchange for the Advanced Seismic Sensor.

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