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Raven RVN-3L Build “Speed Freak” Fastest Light Mech with ECM, SSRM2s and TAG!

There is still no light Mech on this blog so let´s change it. Here comes one of the best Raven 3L builds. This Mech runs up to 150kph, has decent armament, has ECM and TAG equipped, full Ferro Fibrous armor and is heat efficient. Not possible? Well you are about to be wrong. Check out this guide by Draxa. Be sure to drop by his profile and leave him a thumbs-up (link at the end of the guide).

Raven 3L Build


View Build Online at

Build Info and Engine

  • Raven RVN-3L
  • XL Engine 295
  • Maximum armor (Ferro Fibrous)


  • 2x Medium Laser
  • 2x StreakSRM2 (2x ammo)
  • TAG
  • Guardian ECM

Playstyle and Hints

  • If you try to hit an enemy with enabled ECM do not automatically switch your ECM to counter mode. This will make you vulnerable to other missiles. Instead, try to use your TAG. When someone else fires missiles at your target you will also get bonus xp+cbills.
  • Never run straight at enemies. If you realise incoming fire quickly and instantly change the lane and move to the left or right.

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