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MWO Project Phoenix – MC Comparison – Is it worth it?

MWO Project Phoenix

MWO Project Phoenix Mechs

What is MWO Project Phoenix?

Project Phoenix is a special offer for our beloved F2P game, Mechwarrior Online. The bundle includes Hero Mechs, regular variants, Mech bay slots for all of those, special cockpit items, a ton of premium time and a special forum avatar (similar to the current founders’ avatars).

What will it cost?

MWO Project Phoenix comes in 4 different sizes:

  • Talon – Tier 1 – 20$
  • Storm – Tier 2 – 40$
  • Guardian – Tier 3 – 60$
  • Overlord – Tier 4 – 80$

Is that actually worth to get Project Phoenix?

tl/dr: Project Phoenix’s game content is worth more than equivalent stuff bought with regular mc. If you get the Overlord (80$) package, the value is more than double.

Total MC equivalent of all packages and their value:

  1. Talon ~6,100Mechwarrior Credits: 122% value
  2. Storm ~14,625Mechwarrior Credits: 146% value
  3. Guardian ~28,000Mechwarrior Credits: 186% value
  4. Overlord ~46,275Mechwarrior Credits: 231% value

From a purely economical perspective, it is very worthwhile to get one of the packages, the bigger the better. One possible downside is, that you probably don´t want to spend mc on chassis you could regularly get for just a bunch of c-bills. On the other hand, you will get multiple things which you can only get for mc and some only in this package: the Hero Phoenix Mechs will no longer be available at some point. The forum avatar is something to show off your dedication to Mechwarrior.

The above calculation was based on the following assumptions:

  • Unique Phoenix Variants cost the same as current Hero Mechs.
  • Regular Variants are average values based on current prices.
  • Premium time is valued as if purchased in the most economical way possible.
  • Medallions and Mech Bay slots prices according to the current cost in the game.
  • You preorder before July 25th in order to receive +30 days premium time.

MWO Project Phoenix Overview

Official MWO Project Phoenix Link

Official Project Phoenix FAQ

Detailed Calculation Google Spreadsheet

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