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Atlas D-DC SRM Close Quarter Carnage Builds

How to Build the most efficient Atlas D-DC SRM + AC/20 Brawler Loadouts

MWO Best Atlas DDC Close Quarter Build Foreword

Everybody enjoys the Atlas D-DC. Everybody loves SRMs! Everybody craves for AC/20s. Everybody likes to have an ECM installed. Everybody wants to be on top of the score board. Well, maybe not everybody but most players will admit that most of these things are excellent toys to have fun with in Mechwarrior Online. I have a fair share of Atlas piloting experience myself and tried various builds. I also receive regular input from clan mates and real-life friends who pilot D-DCs themselves.

For a regular full guide, the author would rant on about how you must balance ammo position and tonnage. Armor on legs and engine size, etc etc. Not here. We played Atlas AS7-D-DCs for weeks and have come up with two of the most excellent builds. These builds are focussed on head-on close quarter combat. Long range weapons and PPCs are for sissies. Real pilots bring an AC/20 to the SRM brawl. 100t of death will ensure you eternal glory on the battlefield and the death curses of your enemies in the weeks to come.

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We have come up with two very similar builds. The first one is faster, has more armor and an AMS installed. The second one skips on the defensive part in order to utilise bigger SRMs with more heat sinks. Thus, the second build runs a little bit slower and is more vulnerable, but has a slightly higher alpha strike and more sustained dps. Which of the two builds you’ll use is completely up to you. If you are a new to the game or the assault chassis in general, I personally recommend going with version #1. If you are already an experienced MWO player and know how to play, go with version #2.

Atlas D-DC Build version #1 – More Armor, better engine, and AMS

Atlas D-DC Build version #2 – Higher alpha strike, more sustained DPS.

If you want a more all-round build with more ranged weapons, but still stick with the D-DC and what makes it so strong, check out the Atlas D-DC juggernaut build guide.

Atlas DDC SRM Brawler Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Your side-torsos are your most vulnerable part. You won’t die if you take some hits, but there is a high chance your most valuable weapons will be critted and destroyed. If you can not shoot, but are being shot at, turn your upper torso sideways. Your arms are sturdy as hell, and you won’t miss them once they are gone.
  • If you are engaged in a brawl and running very hot, stop firing the medium lasers. Focus on perfectly hitting your AC/20 shots only. If the heat permits it, continue firing your SRMs.
  • Weapon grouping tips: 1) AC/20 2) Medium Lasers 3) SRM6s 4) All weapons. This is one possible way to configure your weapon groups. However, do not bother with chain firing or other combinations. The loadout is pretty straight forward, and you should have these four intuitive groups set for maximum efficiency in hectic¬†situations.
  • Do not waste your SRM ammo on light Mechs. You will not hit them enough to make it worthwhile. Instead, use your medium lasers against their legs and fire AC/20 shots in their faces if you are sure you will hit them.

MWO Atlas DDC SRM Brawler Build Screenshots

MWO Atlas D-DC SRM4 BuildMWO Atlas D-DC SRM6 Build

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