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MWO August 20th Patch Notes Summary – 3rd Person View, Medium Quirks, Kintaro

Mechwarrior Online Patch Notes 08/20/2013

Here is a quick summary of all the important things you need to know about the MWO patch, August 20th 2013.

  • 3rd Person View is now in the game. It can be toggled by pressing F4.
  • Kintaro is now available for c-bills.
  • New Champion Mech: Catapult A1(C).
  • Weapon buffs: LBX-10, UltraAC/5, StreamSRM2.
  • Weapon nerfs: Machine Gun, AC2.
  • Medium Mechs now have unique boosts and quirks, making them more agile.
  • In Conquest, the losing team gets less c-bills for acquired resources.
  • Lava patches in Terra Therma are more dangerous.
  • Many places where you could get stuck in River City and Terra Therma have been fixed.

I like the weapon changes a lot. The AC/2 nerf is no biggie, it was more of a timing problem. The increased quirks for Medium Mechs are also nice. The Blackjack, Centurion, Cicada, Hunchback, Kintaro, and Trebuchet are way too rare on the battlefield nowadays. They can now pitch their torsos further, have increased twist speeds and some may even fit a larger engine.

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Official Patch Notes for Reference

Open Beta Update #24

Upcoming Patch – Tuesday August 20th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.139

Change Log


Greetings MechWarriors,

Wow another patch notes intro! I hope I never stop writing these and I hope you never stop reading.

Lots happening in the the world of MWO so first a little recap

- The Launch Event was announced if you can make it we hope to see you there.
– Phoenix Variants were revealed and the Loyalty program is unlocking bonus content adding more and more value.
– Sarah’s Jenner donation drive is over and It raised a lo...

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July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

Small changes in comparison, but they will change how we’ll play the game. Here is a short summary of the patch notes. Full original patch notes below.

  • New Hero Mech: Dragon Slayer (Victor chassis, 80t)
  • New (Trial) Champion Mech: Atlas AS7-RS(C)
  • Slopes will slow your Mech down and steep slopes will no longer be traversable.
  • New Pattern for Jenner Founder’s Mech
  • Environmental sounds have been added to all maps
  • FPS Button has been re-enabled (hotkey F9)
  • Mechs will take damage if they overheat to 120% heat or more

Dragon Slayer Victor Hero Mech

Original Official Patch Notes



Greetings MechWarriors,

So we have gone and done it again! Victor Hero is releasing first and what a beauty it is. Having The Dragon Slayer in your Mech lab will probably melt your face off with pure “Mech goodness”...

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