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Fastest Way To Get C-Bills in Mechwarrior Online

Fastest Way to Get C-Bills in Mechwarrior Online

One of the most frequent questions on the (Mechwarrior Online) internet is: What is the fastest way to get c-bills in Mechwarrior Online? There is no easy answer to this, but there are certain things which can be easily optimized. Depending on what chassis’ are available to you, you can focus on doing certain things during the matches. The following sections will provide you with everything you need to know in order to maximize the c-bills you squeeze out of each match played.Fastest way to get C-Bills in Mechwarrior Online

Killing Blows – Difficulty: high – Reward: high

Let’s start with the most obvious one to get more c-bills: get more killing blows. Killing blows reward you with extra c-bills and you will usually receive some “Component Destruction” bonuses as well. If you are having trouble getting killing blows, we recommend looking at guides which use high pinpoint damage weapons and or bursty load-outs. Such weapons include the AC/20, (ER)PPCs, Large Pulse Lasers, and SRM4/6s. Since builds are changing constantly, no specific guide is shown here. However, you will quickly find one to your liking by navigating the above menu via “by Role/Weapon”.

Kill Assists – Difficulty: medium – Reward: high

Kill Assists reward you with a similar amount of c-bills, comparable to actual killing blows. The C-Bills for a killing assist are not related to the amount of damage you have dealt. Thus merely brushing an enemy will provide you with a killing assist once the enemy goes down. A very good weapon for this is the (ER)Large Laser. When you see an enemy for the first time, try to hit him with the Large Laser, then start fighting like you would normally do. Smaller caliber auto-cannons (AC/2, AC/5 and UltraAC/5) are also a decent choice since they can fire over very high distances. (ER)PPCs are possible but much harder to hit and definitely a commitment on your build if you choose to wield one. At the beginning of the match use these weapons to leave your mark on an enemy, before engaging in the brawl.

Spotting Assists – Difficulty: easy – Reward: medium

You receive a smaller amount for spotting assists than for killing blows, but they can happen more frequently. These kind of assists are also very useful for getting a lot of experience. Spotting assists are awarded if an ally’s missiles hit your target and you targeted it as the first player. In order to maximize the amount of spotting assists you receive in a match do the following:

  1. Whenever you see a red rectangle, press R to target it.
  2. If you see the incoming missile symbol above your target, do not change your target until the missile symbol disappears again and/or you start to receive spotting assists.
  3. Profit!

Final note on spotting assists: if you can spare the slot, equip the module “Advanced Target Decay”. It will greatly increase the duration of your lock. This will ensure more spotting assists when your target dodges behind covers and allied LRMs are incoming.

Fastest way to get C-Bills in Mechwarrior Online

TAG Assists – Difficulty: medium – Reward: high

A TAG counts as an energy weapon and is a kind of a laser pointer. Assign TAG to a separate weapon group which is easily accessible (e.g. group 1). You must keep the TAG pressed down in order to successfully tag an enemy. An active TAG is indicated by a red bullseye/crosshair symbol over the enemy Mech. Important: TAG must be active on the target at the moment the missiles from your allies are impacting on the enemy. If you TAG an enemy, your team’s LRM boats are firing and you lose the TAG shortly before the missiles hit, you will receive no c-bills!

  • You can lose the TAG while missiles are still in the air, but you must reestablish the TAG contact before they impact. Otherwise no TAG assist is awarded.
  • SSRM2s also award TAG assists so don´t hesitate to activate TAG while brawling with allies.
  • Aim your TAG at enemies which are untargetable (due to the ECM protection). They will be targetable as long as you keep the TAG active. Your team will thank you for that and you will receive even more TAG assists.

A build with which TAGging is quite easy can be found on this very page: Raven 3L TAG Build with ECM

Hero Mechs – Difficulty: requires MC – Reward: high

All hero Mechs provide a “30% c-bill boost”. This means that every c-bill you earn from a match in which you pilot a hero Mech variant will be multiplied by a factor of 1.3! If you played well, it is easy to break the 200.000 c-bill mark. Playing other Mechs will not provide you a bonus from just owning a hero Mech. The c-bill bonus only applies to rounds where you pilot the hero Mech. The big downside is that hero Mechs may only be bought for MC (Mechwarrior Credits) which you only get for real hard currency. If you don’t want to spend real money on this game it is no problem. If you can afford to pay 20-50 dollars for a hero Mech, you will most certainly enjoy a unique variant with an awesome paint job and a time saving 30% c-bill boost. If you don’t know which hero Mech to buy, click here for a complete listing of all hero Mech builds available on mwo-builds.net. View all Hero Mech builds

Premium Time – Difficulty: requires MC – Reward: very high

Apart from getting an insane bonus to c-bills earned, no matter what Mech you choose, you will also receive a ton of (G)XP during that time. If Premium Time and Hero Mechs are good for you depends on your playtime and style. A short guide can be found hereGuide: Premium Time vs Hero Mechs

And finally a screenshot of one of my best rounds ever (c-bill wise). Played on a Misery with active Premium Time from my Project Phoenix early bird bonus:

BlacKcuD - 346k C bills

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