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Blackjack 1X Brawler Build

Blackjack 1X Brawler Build

MWO Blackjack 1X Build Foreword

We are constantly looking for the good builds through the official forums. Today we will have a look at another build brought to you by the community. A very fast Blackjack brawler build utilizing Medium Lasers. With this Blackjack 1X build you will be able to run as fast as most light Mechs and dish out considerable damage. Being able to fire six medium lasers almost without any heat issues makes this loadout a fearsome brawler. The Blackjack’s hardpoints allow the pilot to fire over cliffs and hills without exposing a lot of profile, similar to the Jagermech. If you can see it, you can kill it!

MWO Blackjack Screenshot

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Six Medium Lasers will make your enemies flee in terror. A lot of other builds have a comparable amount of lasers, but this Blackjack 1X build has enough double heat sinks to fire them constantly. The large engine provides excellent mobility, bringing your pain to wherever your team needs it.

Blackjack 1X Brawler Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Use your Blackjack’s high mounted weapons to shoot over cover without exposing too much of your chassis.
  • This loadout is very heat efficient. For maximum continuous fire, consider carrying a cool shot consumables.
  • The XL-engine provides you with a traveling speed of over 100kph. If you can’t win a fight, pick another one.
  • Do not fear enemy SRM and AC carrying Mechs. The Blackjacks silhouette is very small and combined with the high movement speed you will be very hard to hit.

Link to original Author

This build was kindly provided by Vulcan888. Check out the original post here.

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