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Atlas D-DC Best Brawler Build (updated version)

MWO Best Atlas Brawler Build Foreword

One of the most viewed build on this blog is the Atlas D-DC all-round brawler build by Strawberry5. He and myself have played this build countless times and have proven its worth in PUG games. Mechwarrior Online has evolved since then, and strategies have changed. This Atlas brawler build has been adjusted slightly to better fit 2013 meta-game requirements. If you don’t like PPCs and want to look really good on the score board (damage dealt, kills, match score, etc) give this build a try. You will not be disappointed.

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If you need AMS in this Atlas build, try swapping it for the Beagle Active Probe. Do not remove ammunition in exchange for the AMS since it is already carrying the absolute minimum for extended fights.

In comparison to the old Atlas brawler build, the new version trades the AMS, ammunition and movement speed for range, a BAP and burst damage.

Atlas Brawler Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Use the high max range of your double Ultra AC/5 to lay down suppressing fire and chip away at enemies during the first minutes of the match. Enemy LRM-boats and other long range builds will duck back behind cover, and potential future enemies will have their starting armor reduced.
  • Fire your Ultra AC/5s by single clicking at all times (1.1sec). Restrain yourself from holding down the key as they will most likely jam very fast and your actual damage output will decline. Only gamble on your weapons not jamming when being faced with certain death.
  • Keep in mind that your ECM will not protect you from LRM barrages while it is set to counter mode.
  • Although you have a BAP, it might be useful to counter an enemy ECM at times. The default hotkey for switching ECM modes is J.
  • If you are engaged in an all-out close quarters fight, do not overheat due to alpha striking all the time. It will mean certain death. Instead, refrain from using the lasers and keep using your missiles and ballistic weapons only.

MWO Atlas Brawler Build Screenshots

Atlas Brawler Build Nice GameAtlas Brawler Build Nice Game

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