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Highlander 732/733C PPC Sniper Build (updated for Alpha Patch July 2013)

Updated Version of this Highlander 732/33C Sniper Guide is available!

Note: An updated version (September 2013) of this Highlander PPC/Gauss Sniper build guide is available. Click here to view it.

The Highlander 732/733C PPC Sniper Build (updated for Alpha Patch July 2013)

MWO Best Highlander 732 Sniper Build Foreword

The Highlander is one of the best assault chassis and quickly became a favourite of my own. Sniper builds are everywhere, and no match goes by without countless PPCs fired at you. It is time to strike back. Obviously, some variants are better suited for the job than others. If you like a sturdy armor and heavy armor, but don’t want to slack on the mobility side: Congratulations! You just found one of the best PPC sniper builds currently known to the Mechwarrior Online community. This Highlander 732 PPC sniper build combines the unmatched armor and firepower of assault chassis’ with excellent mobility.

View Highlander 732 Sniper Build Build Online at

Note: this exact same build can be built on the 733C as well.

The recent Mechwarrior Online Patch made PPC boats very ineffective. However, you can use the following build until July 20th 2013. After that you will have to rely on the above build.

Warning: the following builds are not very effective any more! You must use chain fire or multiple weapon groups in order to still use them. It is highly recommended switching to the a fore mentioned builds.

The 3 PPCs and the Gauss Rifle will grant you with unmatched firepower. Alpha strikes of 45 damage at a reasonable heat dissipation will tear enemies to shreds with only a few shots. Light Mechs will die instantly most of the time.

Since LRMs are making a huge comeback you may want to add an AMS to your build. Here is a slight variation on the above build which includes an Anti-Missile-System. This will reduce your damage only very slightly, but the increased survivability is often worth the small cost. This Mech is using an XL-engine after all.

Highlander PPC Sniper Playstyle and Hints

  • For maximum efficiency, group your weapons as follows: 1 Gauss Rifle 2 All three PPCs 3 Gauss Rifle plus one PPC (when high on heat) 4 All three PPCs in chain fire (for test shots and disabling ECM).
  • All your PPCs and the Gauss Rifle are on one side of your Mech. Whenever you are under heavy fire or LRMs are inbound, turn your upper torso so the other side of your Mech faces the enemy.
  • Use jump jets to look over cliffs. Often times you will be able to even shoot Mechs will falling back down.
  • Be careful not to harm your legs from excessive jump jet usage. Rule of thumb: when using more than 75% of your jump jet energy, you will take damage to your legs upon landing. Try to reserve some fuel to soften your landing.
  • When close to overheating, keep firing your Gauss Rifle plus a single PPC. This will cause very little heat and allows you to continue damaging the enemy with roughly 60% of your firepower. This is always better than overheating or not firing at all.

MWO Highlander 732 Sniper Build Screenshots

Highlander 732 Sniper Build Good Game ScreenshotHighlander 732 Sniper Build Good Game Screenshot


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Misery Build 4x PPC + Gauss (Stalker Hero Mech)

Caution, old build!

Please note: This guide may still be viable, but is very old.
You will probably find better ones or will need to tweak a few things. In addition, some or all meta game information and play style/hints may include outdated information. As soon as an updated version is available, it will be shown here. If you have up-to-date information on how to improve this build, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

MWO Misery Build Foreword

The Misery is the Stalker Hero Mech. Like all other Hero Mechs, it features unique hardpoints, a c-bill boost and a fantastically looking paint job. But what to do with these hardpoints? The following Misery build combines all the chassis’ strengths into a dedicated sniper build which fits very well into the current meta game. It is very difficult to put together a Misery build which really packs a punch. The only other viable option, which we found so far, is combining Large Pulse Lasers and an Ultra AC/5. This close quarter combat oriented misery build will be discussed in another post.

View Misery Build Online at

It is possible to slightly alter this Misery build by stripping armor on the legs and cockpit and/or removing one Double Heat Sink. However, you will run into critical slots aka space problems soon. The only worthy alternative is to get an AMS in exchange for heat efficiency. The Artemis is not needed with this specific build. I am just too lazy to update the build.

Misery Build Playstyle and Hints

  • You are piloting an assault Mech, but you are by no means indestructible. The Misery’s side torsos are also quite exposed. If you have incoming missiles, twist your upper torso sideways and move behind cover.
  • It may be tempting to put all weapons on one weapon group and activate armlock for maximum pinpoint damage. However, experience has shown that two separate groups are more viable. Fire quick shots with your PPCs and only add the Gauss Rifle if you are completely sure that the shoot will hit.
  • If you are above 50% heat, use the Gauss Rifle only. Try not to overheat or you will be dead more quickly than you can say shutdown.
  • Use single/chain fire of your PPCs to disable enemy ECMs.
  • PPCs have a minimum range of 90m. Do not fire them at close range ever!

MWO Misery Build Screenshots

Misery Build OwnageMisery Build OwnageMisery Build Ownage 1Misery Build Ownage 3

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