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July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

Small changes in comparison, but they will change how we’ll play the game. Here is a short summary of the patch notes. Full original patch notes below.

  • New Hero Mech: Dragon Slayer (Victor chassis, 80t)
  • New (Trial) Champion Mech: Atlas AS7-RS(C)
  • Slopes will slow your Mech down and steep slopes will no longer be traversable.
  • New Pattern for Jenner Founder’s Mech
  • Environmental sounds have been added to all maps
  • FPS Button has been re-enabled (hotkey F9)
  • Mechs will take damage if they overheat to 120% heat or more

Dragon Slayer Victor Hero Mech

Original Official Patch Notes



Greetings MechWarriors,

So we have gone and done it again! Victor Hero is releasing first and what a beauty it is. Having The Dragon Slayer in your Mech lab will probably melt your face off with pure “Mech goodness”...

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