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Stalker STK-3H LRM-Boat


I finally delved into the Stalker chassis and bought three of them (Misery, 3H and 3F). Let’s start with a Stalker 3H build. This build is an LRM-Boat but features excellent close-range defensive capabilities in the form of Medium Lasers and Streak SRMs. It also comes with a Beagle Active Probe and an Anti-Missile System. In my opinion, the Stalker 3H is one of the best Mechs to build an LRM-Boat.

View Stalker 3H Build Online at

Playstyle and Hints

  • Stay behind your teammates to provide firing support.
  • Always tag enemies, but do not expose yourself too long to enemy fire.
  • Your optimal attack range is ~250m; at this range you can fire all your weapons at once.
  • The minimum range for LRMs is 180m. If you are closer to your target they will do NO damage.
  • Do not forget to open your missile bay doors at the beginning of each match. The lights at the border of your screen will switch from yellow to green when they are opened.

Misery Nice Game 2 Misery Nice Game 1

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Atlas AS7-D-DC LRM Boat (updated version)

Find Catapults a little lame? Already bought an Atlas and you don´t know how to effectively get XP and CBills with it? Want to be top3 of the scoreboard for 10 rounds in a row? Look no further. The Atlas Deluxe LRM Boat will make this all happen.

Atlas LRM Boat Setup (updated)

Atlas LRM Boat Setup (updated)

Armor - StandardStandard StructureDouble Heat SinksArtemis - EquippedView Build Online at

Build Info and Engine

  • Atlas AS-D-DC
  • Standard Engine 300
  • Maxed Armor (except legs, ~73 each)


  • 3x LRM15+Artemis (9x ammo)
  • 2x Medium Pulse Lasers
  • CASE in right torso along side 2 DHS and 3x LRM Ammo
  • Guardian ECM (mount in legs to avoid early destruction)
  • AMS (1x ammo)
  • Fill remaining slots with DHSs such that you will have 16 (with engine heat sinks) in total

Playstyle and Hints

  • Artemis requires line of sight. Your ideal position will be ~500-800 meters away from the target and ideally within line of sight (e.g. river bank)
  • You are worthless in melee (LRMs have a minimum range of 180). If you don´t know what to do, fall back to your nearest friendly.
  • Conserve ammo by not overnuking low health enemies and only firing if you are absolutely sure the target will be locked for some more seconds.
  • If you get jammed by an ECM, don´t panic. Switch your ECM to counter (hotkey J) and continue firing LRMs. If no target is available for LRM fire switch to your Medium Pulse Lasers and engage whatever is jamming you, while constantly falling back to friendlies who can help you get rid of the pest.
  • If none in your lance can provide TAG, experiment with switching one Laser for it.
  • Add more armor than usual to your rear. If you are getting pounded, it will most likely be from behind.

Atlas LRM Boat

Atlas LRM Boat

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Cataphract Quad AC/2 Screenshaker Build

Caution, old build!

Please note: This guide may still be viable, but is very old.
You will probably find better ones or will need to tweak a few things. In addition, some or all meta game information and play style/hints may include outdated information. As soon as an updated version is available, it will be shown here. If you have up-to-date information on how to improve this build, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

With the latest patch from November 20th a new heavy mech has been deployed to the field: the Cataphract! One of the most appealing variants is the CTF-4X due to its four (4(!)) ballistic slots. Now lets see what one can do with this:

Cataphract Mech Image

The Build:

Cataphract CTF-4X

  • Standard Engine 210
  • Endo Steel Structure
  • Double Heat Sinks (~13)
  • Maxed Armor


  • 4x AC/2 Autocannon
  • 2x Medium Laser
  • 8x AC/2 ammo (put 4 in legs and 4 in torso protected with CASE)

Playstyle and Tips:

  • The ammo is very expensive so try to work with auto 75% rearm (turn auto-ream off and launch into new match).
  • Do not brawl first row. If you get caught in a melee fight with an Atlas you will likely lose. Try to stay in the 2nd row or keep at least 200+ distance.
  • If you find a Gausspult (Catapult armed with 2x Gauss Rifles) fire at it! The screen shaking from 4x AC/2 will ensure that the Gausscat cannot aim properly and will be rendered useless.
  • Only fire your lasers when encountering light mechs or when you have run out of ammo.
  • Set weapons to alternating (by pressing BACKSPACE) to maximize fun for yourself and screenshaking for your foes.
  • If you find yourself overheating a lot, try to fire in short bursts rather than holding down the trigger.
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