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The best up-to-date Mechwarrior Online builds, load-outs, and quick-guides. No long reads, just pure guaranteed ownage! All builds on this page have been tested thoroughly, and we personally guarantee you that there are few other MWO builds out there which provide you with similar results. Click one of the following buttons to see all builds for this particular chassis. If there is no button yet it means that we haven´t found a build good enough for this chassis. New builds are added on a weekly basis so be sure to check back later. If you think you have come up with a build worthy of this page, please submit it and we will have a look at it (see Submit-your-own-builds section below).


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Apart from excellent Mech builds, this site offers explanations on various game mechanics, Mech stats and strategies. These include comprehensive explanations of modules, upgrades, special terms, items and other webpages you should know of. At the moment this section is very small but it will be expanded during this summer. Use the menu at the top to browse these useful guides or click on one of the recommended links below:

Heat Penalty System Explained Comprehensive table which explains the system without numbers/formulas.

The best Mechs for PUG play Quick overview of the best variants currently in the game.

Fastest Way to Get C-Bills What grants the largest c-bill rewards and how to efficiently farm them.

Endo Steel Structure Explained A short and comprehensive guide to the Mech upgrade Endo Steel Structure.

Smurfy’s Online Mechbay Design and test new load-outs with ease using this online and free tool.


If you have an excellent MWO build yourself, you can submit it! We will evaluate and test your build, and maybe it will be posted on this page and thousands of players will see your build and your name beneath it. Either write a short e-mail to or send me a pm in the official forums. Please include a Smurfy link and some playstyle tips with your MWO build in the message.


This webpage,, is a place where you can find some of the best Mechwarrior Online builds in existence. All builds presented on this blog have been field tested, tweaked and perfected for days in order to maximize their potential. Rest assured that any setups you find here are ready to use and require no (or very little) further adjustments. If you bought a new Mech, check in order to find a decent build for it so you are able to start right away.

This site is not so much about Mech and build discussion or development. The builds here are already very polished. If you would like to discuss new builds or have suggestions of any kind, please leave a comment below the appropriate build. However, we recommend going to other forums in order to discuss builds in length (e.g. or the official forums). You will find many half-baked builds there, but also room to discuss them in length. If you are just interested in the distilled perfect builds and don´t want to engage in lengthy reading, stay on and pick your chassis above.

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  • Frank  says:

    Would nice to see a module chart as well. Modules per role, Ranked by importance.

  • Tenchi  says:

    why are there no clan builds out yet?

    • blackcud  says:

      Timberwolf PUG build is on its way.

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