Hunchback 4G and 4H AC/20 Brawler

Hunchback 4G/4H AC/20 Working Brawler Guide

MWO Hunbchback 4G 4H AC/20 Brawler Guides

The Hunchback is a very cool chassis. However, many people don’t like it (or struggle while playing), because the hunch, the Hunchback’s signature side torso is such a vulnerable part. The hunch usually holds most of the important weapons and will always be focused down by enemies. This Hunchback brawler guide will show you how to make your hunch less vulnerable enabling a skilled pilot to dish out unseen amounts of damage. The build is centered around an AC/20 and is complemented by lasers. The Hunchback brawler load-out is brought to you by Reslin and was posted in the looking-for-builds thread in the official forums. ReslinĀ also wrote a more in-depth guide about several Hunchback variants. Check them out and give him a thumbs up.

MWO Hunchback

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Because it is one of the most crucial things about this Hunchback brawler build, I want to point it out first: Pay close attention to the armor allocation on the builds! The hunch has only 2 rear armor and everything else on the front side. Such a distribution will greatly increase your effectiveness on the battlefield. The hunch’s rear torso will almost never get hit, thus, most points of armor should be at the front.

A similar load-out can be done with the HBK-4H, as well. This particular version of the Hunchback brawler build utilises the additional energy slots in the hunch. If you don’t like the reduced range of the small lasers, just go with the 4G build above. However, the small lasers increase the maximum possible alpha strike slightly.

Misery Hybrid Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Pay close attention to the armor allocation on the load-outs. If you are off by only a few points, it will greatly diminish your survivability on the battlefield.
  • Always stay in motion. If you stand still or overheat, you are toast.
  • If you are eating damage and can’t easily return fire, turn your upper torso to protect it and head for cover.
  • Your AC/20 is your main weapon. Try to always hit perfect shots on cooldown. If you are unsure that you can place your shot, don’t shoot.
  • Try to focus all lasers on the same component to incapacitate and down enemies fast.
  • Weapon grouping hints for first load-out: 1) AC/20 2) All Lasers.
  • Weapon grouping hints for second load-out: 1) AC/20 2) All Medium Lasers 3) All Lasers.
  • Do not use arm-lock with this build. It might help newer players to optimise pinpoint damage, but you are wasting a lot of the Hunchbacks’s excellent agility and run-by abilities.

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The builds in this Hunchback guide were kindly provided by Reslin. He also wrote a more in-depth guide about the Hunchback chassis. Check it out and drop him a like.

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