Misery Heavy Sniper/Fire Support Hybrid Builds

Misery (Stalker Hero Mech) Sniper/Fire Support Hybrid Guide

MWO Misery (Stalker Hero Mech) Sniper/Fire Support Hybrid Builds

In my long search for finding a good Misery all-round build, I suffered many setbacks. After consulting with several high-level players from the Hell’s Black Aces┬ámerc-corp, I finally developed a build which is worthy of this web page. A sniper/fire support hybrid build utilizing a pair of Large Lasers, a single ERPPC, and a Gauss Rifle. All of this while still being reasonably heat efficient and using a standard engine. The only downside, in comparison to other Stalker builds, is its relatively low movement speed. This guide will showcase several variations of the same build. Each build has a slightly different focus. Choose the one whichever suits your play-style and needs best.

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The first version of the Misery sniper hybrid build trades leg armor and heat efficiency for more utility. ER Large Lasers replace the regular Large Lasers for additional range. The increased effective range will greatly improve your damage dealt values. ER Large Lasers also received a buff in the recent patch. The original version uses two tons of Gauss Rifle ammo. If you are engaged in drawn out fights (which is more likely since 12 vs 12 hit the servers), 20 shots will be expended very quickly. This version uses the additional space and tonnage to fit in a third ton of ammo. The addition of an AMS rounds the package. This version runs very hot, and you will most likely not be able to carry a cool-shot consumable since the Stalker chassis only allows for two module slots (which are most likely taken by Adv Seismic Sensor and Increased Sensor Range).

The following load-out reflects the original version of the build. It has a lesser range, fewer ammo, and no AMS. However, it runs significantly cooler, allowing a skilled pilot to continuously fire for a long time. This version is recommended for more experienced as it requires more skill to dish out the same amounts of damage of the course of a battle. However, it has the potential to be more deadly in the long run.

Misery Hybrid Build Playstyle and Hints

  • Since you are not very fast and lack jump-jets, positioning is key. Only expose yourself from cover to fire one alpha strike. If enemies have spotted you and are returning fire, double back behind cover and find a different spot to peak out from.
  • Weapon grouping advice: 1] Gauss Rifle + ERPPC 2] Both (ER) Large Lasers. Be sure to bind the Gauss Rifle and ERPPC to a single weapon group as well. There are situations when you’ll want to fire only one of them.
  • Try to stay on target while firing the Large Lasers. If you manage to hit the same component for the majority of the duration, you will notice a significant increase in efficiency. Large Lasers do a lot of damage, but over a duration. Remember: Lasers in MWO are no light sabres!
  • Enabling Arm-Lock is not recommended for this build. However, whenever you can, try to match both crosshairs before firing a sniper shoot (ERPPC + Gauss Rifle) for maximum pin-point damage.
  • If you are running on high heat, get behind cover and cool down for a few seconds. If that is not possible, place one or two well aimed shots with your Gauss Rifle. Then finish the exposed target with an alpha strike.

MWO Misery Sniper Hybrid Build Screenshots

Here are some end-of-round screenshots. They are not the best, but I wanted to include some 12vs12 action!

Misery Hybrid Screenshot1Misery Hybrid Screenshot 2

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