MWO Patch Notes July 30th Summary – New Map, more Heat Penalties and Seismic Nerf

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MWO Patch Notes July 30th Summary/TLDR

New MWO Map: Terra Therma

If you don’t have the time to read through all the extensive patch notes or simply prefer a more condensed style, here are the MWO July 30th patch notes’ most important points:

  • New Map: Terra Therma (check out video below)
  • Seismic Sensor ranges nerfed to 180m/250m (down from 200m/400m)
  • ERPPCs and PPCs are now treated as a group when calculating heat penalties. They will share their max alpha limit.
  • Same goes for the following groups: LRM20+LRM15+LRM10, LL+ERLL+LPL, and SRM6+SRM4.
  • Small area-of-effect buffs to Artillery and Air Strike consumables.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.

If you would like to learn more about the ghost heat, check out this guide: MWO Heat Penalty System explained without formulas

Terra Therma Map Reveal Video

Terra Therma is the newest addition to the Mechwarrior Online map pool. It features vast valleys of black rock and glowing lava flows. The map has a relative high environmental heat level (the video suggests a heat level even slightly higher than Caustic Valley). There are also some bridges and a central installation which should make for interesting battles.

Trouble watching the video? Click here.

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Official Original Patch Notes


Open Beta Update #22

Upcoming Patch – Tuesday July 30th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.233

Change Log


Greetings, MechWarriors.

What is this? A third patch in July? Madness!

First off, we want to acknowledge the amazing work the community is doing with the Sarah Jenner! We knew you were a caring community but these results are exceeding our expectations and for that we truly thank you.

It’s summer and things are heating up around here with the release of our latest map Terra Therma. Lava is hot! So read the Patch notes for a full description. Remember to use Testing grounds with map select to learn your way around Terra Therma and test out your ‘Mech under these extreme heat conditions.

We also have a host of gameplay tweaks. Heat scaling is expanding its reach, linking weapons of similar types while seismic sensors get a range reduction. Air and Artillery strike get a bit of a buff.

Some programmer found us some frames and some other programmers fixed some bugs! Programmers are great!

One week today we will be patching again and I can’t wait!

So patch up your game and get ready to drop. I’ll see you on the battlefield!

Matt Newman


New Map – Terra Therma

Terra Therma is a planet-sized moon in a large, synchronous orbit around an epistellar Jovian planet.

It is constantly exposed to tidal forces from its parent planet and therefore is prone to frequent volcanic eruptions and persistent tectonic activity; but, because of its large orbit, the gravitational influence on Terra Therma is not strong enough to expedite the natural degassing of primordial reservoirs of Helium-3 and Tritium.

These subterranean reservoirs (of T and H-3) are what bring the fight to Terra Therma. Their value, compounded by the ease of extraction are worth the installment and regular replacement of expendable, automated infrastructure; the same has been remarked about the ‘Mechs and their pilots.

“The only evidence of the constant battling over this hell-hole’s resources is in the paper work” one commander said, “as every fallen ‘Mech and the sorry sob who piloted it, aka collateral loss, is quickly swallowed up by this fiery beast.”


Weapon System Heat Penalty Linking

- ERPPCs and PPCs will now share their max alpha limit.
– LRM20, LRM15 and LRM10s now share their max alpha limit.
– LL, ERLL, LPL will now share their max alpha limit.
– SRM6 and SRM4 will now share their max alpha limit.

Linked weapons will always use the highest base heat value and highest multiplier of the weapons fired. e.g. if you launch LRM15s with LRM10s, it will use LRM15 numbers. If you fire Large Lasers with ER Large Lasers, it will use ER Large Laser numbers.

For detailed explanations to our current heat scale, please refer to our forum post here:

Seismic Sensor Ranges

- Seismic Sensor – Range reduced to 180m from 200m.
– Advanced Seismic Sensor – Range reduced to 250m from 400m.

Air/Artillery Strike

- Radius of Artillery strike increased from 50m to 60m.
– Radius of explosive shell increased from 25m to 30m.
– Radius of Air Strike explosive shell increased from 25 to 30m.


- Optimization to the client code.
– Math functions.
– Gameplay code.
– Rendering code.
– HUD draw calls.

Bug Fixes

- Missiles were sometimes doing more damage than their listed amount. This has been fixed.
– SRM max range had an issue of being innacurate in the simulation. This is now significantly improved and any variation should be negligible.
– Heat penalties now properly reflected on the HUD when spectating other players.
– Heat Containment Pilot Talent is now affecting the start-up sequence. Players will return from overheat status faster if they have this upgrade.
– Fixed many collision issues in River City (stuck against structures, walk-through buildings, etc…).
– Fixed many “stuck on small rocks” bugs in Canyon Network.


- Spread out spawn point locations on Forest Colony.
– Light ‘Mechs will now use smaller death smoke columns.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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