Ilya Muromets Dual Gauss Build

Ilya Muromets (Cataphract Hero Mech) Dual Gauss Sniper Build

MWO Best Ilya Muromets Dual Gauss Sniper Build Foreword

With the recent patch discouraging PPC and AC/20 boats, Cataphracts have been struggling to find new builds. If you are running you a 2X, you can build a brawler following this Cataphract 2X brawler guide. A more popular variant is the Ilya Muromets, the Hero Mech. A friend of mine at the Hell’s Black Aces Merc Corp showed me a build which has quickly become popular amongst competitive gamers. An Ilya Muromets build which is equipped with dual Gauss Rifles, Medium Lasers, and a Machine Gun. High alpha strikes, way above average dps and no heat issues what so ever make this Mech a fearsome opponent.

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AMS + Machine Gun for critical hits and survivability

Higher movement speed version with AMS

Higher movement speed version without AMS but 3rd Medium Laser

Ilya Muromets Dual Gauss Build Playstyle and Hints

  •  Cataphract plus XL-engine makes you very susceptible to frontal damage. If you come under heavy LRM, AC or PPC fire from the front, take cover immediately or you will die in seconds.
  • Always use your Gauss Rifles together. The pinpoint damage will make short work of what ever component you are targeting.
  • When at close range, keep those Medium Lasers and the Machine Gun fire buttons held down! It is almost impossible to overheat with this build.
  • Your damage output is easily focused on one point, and the damage per second at close surpasses most other builds currently in the game. If you are entangled in a brawl, keep firing all the time. Your enemies will most likely underestimate your firepower and only turn around, when it is already to late.

Link to original Author

This build was brought to my attention by Smeg of the Hell’s Black Aces Merc Corp. Check out their web page!


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5 comments to Ilya Muromets Dual Gauss Build

  • Agog  says:

    AC/40 nerf hurt Cataphracts? Have you even used a cataphract before?

    Is this build a joke? The ammo alone seems to be randomly scattered all over the chassis in the worst possible places. You do realize AMS and MG ammo explodes right? BTW you forgot a laser hardpoint, idk who wouldn’t trade a MG for a medium laser…

    Competitive build?!? LOL at least you didn’t put CASE with an XL engine…

    • blackcud  says:

      Obviously you didn´t read the whole guide. The ammo distribution can easily be optimised since it is indeed random. If you are half the experienced Mechwarrior you claim to be you can easily see that and modify it when actually implementing the build. I do agree that we should place a more optimised version online to avoid flamers and not to mislead new players.

      A ML is certainly the better overall weapon, but the MG was specifically fitted to help crit off in brawls. If you want to sacrifice that ability, some armor or ammo you can easily switch out the weapon. Note that your overall dps will only increase slightly and sustained dps will even go down.

      I own all Cataphracts except the 3D and I have mastered them all.

  • jp  says:

    AMS and the MG is a waste of tonnage here with an already heavy build. Gauss Ammo doesn’t explode so there’s no point in storing it in the head, you may as well put it all in the side torsos.

    There’s no way this is competitive as a build compared to other Muromets setups. Drop all that crap, keep the 2 ML’s, and move to a bigger engine for more maneuverability.

    • blackcud  says:

      You are right in all points. But think of it in another way: there is always a trade-off. In my previous PUB and 8vs8 matches, AMS was invaluable. I will probably never play a Mech without AMS again in the weeks to come. Not every Mech needs AMS, but if you can fit it in without compromising your role on the team, someone else will be grateful for that. We are currently at 80-90% win ratio in 8vs8 so I think the build definitely has its place in MWO.

      The proposed version was featured because I had multiple experienced (and highly successful) 8vs8 players who suggested the build in that way. It is unorthodox, but it works. It is efficient and fun, all at the same time.

      I have included some slightly faster versions, which trade damage for speed, but which reflect what you two were saying, so everybody can choose what they like best. As long as Alpine Peaks is in the pool, I guess you have a point :)

  • [...] You now need to charge a Gauss Rifle for 0.75 seconds by holding down its button. After that, the weapon group will light up green, and you have 1.25 seconds to release the button in order to fire. This means, that you can no longer pop-tart as easily. This also means, that dual Gauss Rifle builds are probably having a resurgence. Here is an excellent Dual Guass build for the Ilya Muromets. [...]

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