July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

July 2nd Patch Notes Summary

Small changes in comparison, but they will change how we’ll play the game. Here is a short summary of the patch notes. Full original patch notes below.

  • New Hero Mech: Dragon Slayer (Victor chassis, 80t)
  • New (Trial) Champion Mech: Atlas AS7-RS(C)
  • Slopes will slow your Mech down and steep slopes will no longer be traversable.
  • New Pattern for Jenner Founder’s Mech
  • Environmental sounds have been added to all maps
  • FPS Button has been re-enabled (hotkey F9)
  • Mechs will take damage if they overheat to 120% heat or more

Dragon Slayer Victor Hero Mech

Original Official Patch Notes



Greetings MechWarriors,

So we have gone and done it again! Victor Hero is releasing first and what a beauty it is. Having The Dragon Slayer in your Mech lab will probably melt your face off with pure “Mech goodness”. Then again, if you don’t buy one, someone else will and they’ll melt your face off in battle. The 30 percent C-Bill boost doesn’t hurt either. Did you know with a hero Mech and a Premium account you can literally** swim in C-Bills? Sometimes I upgrade and downgrade double heat-sinks just to have a laugh and burn through some C-Bills.
Oh boy It’s the ATLAS Champion! Want to try the Atlas RS build that was the Piranha Favourite for much of closed beta? Here you go! It’s a mostly-brawler, sometimes sniper build we found very, very fun. So go check it out!

Hey look some Cockpit Items! Mech Statues. Enjoy!

Hey Look a new Mech Pattern! Tartan!…Bless you…. Thank you… You’re Welcome!

We have some interesting gameplay tweaks that are going to change how you play. Movement on inclined surfaces and a new overheat mechanic so watch your heat or you might get beat.

Various other Items are all in the patch notes for you to read so go ahead and read them!
See you on the Battlefield!

Matt Newman
**and by literally I really mean figuratively swimming in C-Bills


New Hero Mech

“Dragon Slayer” VTR-DS
• Tonnage: 80
• Engine: 330 XL
o Top Speed: 66.8 kph
o Max Engine Rating: 400
• Torso Movement:
o 90 degrees to each side.
o 20 degrees up and down.
• Arm Movement:
o 20 degrees to each side.
o 30 degrees up and down.
• Armor: 494 (Standard)
• Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
• Weapons & Equipment:
o Left Arm: PPC
o Left Torso: SRM 6
o Right Torso: Medium Pulse Laser x2
o Right Arm: Gauss Rifle
• Hardpoints:
o Left Arm: 1 Energy
o Left Torso: 2 Missile
o Right Torso: 2 Energy, 1 AMS
o Right Arm: 2 Ballistic
• Heat Sinks: 14 Double
• Jump Jets: 4 (4 Max)
• ECM Capable?: No
• Module Slots: 2
• 30% C-Bill Bonus

New Trial Champion Mech

Atlas AS7-RS©
• Tonnage: 100
• Engine: 325
o Top Speed: 52.6 kph
o Max Engine Rating: 360
• Torso Movement:
o 80 degrees to each side.
o 16 degrees up and down.
• Arm Movement:
o 40 degrees to each side.
o 30 degrees up and down.
• Armor: 608 (Standard)
• Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
• Weapons & Equipment:
o Left Arm: Medium Laser x2, AMS
o Left Torso: LRM 15 w/ Artemis IV FCS x2
o Right Torso: Gauss Rifle
o Right Arm: Medium Laser x2
• Hardpoints:
o Left Arm: 2 Energy, 1 AMS
o Left Torso: 2 Missile
o Right Torso: 1 Ballistic
o Right Arm: 2 Energy
• Heat Sinks: 13 Double
• Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
• ECM Capable?: No
• Module Slots: 2

New Trial Mechs

• Commando COM-2D
• Blackjack BJ-1X
• Catapult CPLT-C4
• Atlas AS7-RS©

Cockpit Items
• Jagermech Statue.
• Trebuchet Statue.

New Skin
• Tartan skin.

• New Movement Archetypes.
o Mechs are now unable to traverse slopes greater than 45°
o Mechs will now slow down when climbing slopes from 20° to 45°, depending on mech size.
• Critical Heat Damage System.
o Mechs reaching 120% heat will start taking damage to their center torso at (0.75 damage + (0.001 damage per tonne) + (0.001 damage per engine rating)) / 1.5 sec.
o The damage will continue until heat drops below 100%. This damage will occur both during an automatic shutdown and when overriding shutdown.
o To indicate this heat damage is being applied, a yellow siren light will turn on inside the cockpit.

User Interface
• Now showing all three lances on the EoR Screen.
• Changed all references to “Team Commander” to “Company Commander”.
• Minor clean up for Lance UI.

Bug Fixes
• Quickdraw will now have jump jet effects.
• Fixed an issue where LRMs shot at close range & off target were causing the missiles to perform a gravity whip maneuver.
• Heavy Metal will no longer play it’s on kill music if the mech if it’s not fully powered.
• Fixed an issue where LRM volleys would share the same spread pattern when firing from a weapon with a small tube count – ie. LRM15 from a 6 tube launcher. Subsequent volleys will now have a different spread.
• Fixed an issue with SRMs and closed weapon doors. SRMs would launch instantly on the client from a weapon with closed weapon doors; however, the server would properly delay the shot to simulate the weapon doors opening. This could result in missiles colliding on the local client but not register any damage. This fix will now open the doors properly before firing. Please NOTE: This issue ONLY occurred with SRMS being fired from launchers WITH CLOSED weapon doors.

• Jenner Founder has a new pattern, with this pattern comes the ability to color it as well. Other Founder Mechs will be getting the same treatment and will come in later patches.
• Added environmental sounds to the levels.
• Updated spawn locations so lance mates will spawn together.
• Improvements to ‘Mech damage glow.
• Re-enable F9 button to display the FPS and users location.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
- The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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