The best Mechs for PUG Play (September 2013)


The following variants are currently the best Mechs in MWO. They are the ones which can have the most impact on a solo PUG game. We are aware of the fact that there is no such thing as “the best Mech”. However, there are certain variants which can do what other variants can not do. They have better hardpoint distributions or allocations. Their geometry might advantageous or can do what other variants can do in addition to something else. If you are not sure which Mech to buy and play a lot solo (or in small groups) choose one from the lists below. Now without further due, here is the best Mechwarrior Online Mechs list ordered by weight class.

This listing is being reworked and updated. The last update was in September 2013.

Best MWO Light Mechs


  1. Raven 3L  -  Good Raven 3L Build
  2. Jenner F
  3. Jenner D
  4. Commando 2D
  5. Spider 5D
  6. Jenner K

Best MWO Medium Mechs

MWO Hunchback

  1. Trebuchet 5J / 7M
  2. Cicada 3M
  3. Centurion 9A
  4. Hunchback 4P
  5. Kintaro
  6. Hunchback 4SP
  7. Blackjack

Best MWO Heavy Mechs

MWO Catapult

  1. Cataphract 3D
  2. Quickdraw
  3. Ilya Muromets (Cataphract Hero Mech)
  4. Jagermech
  5. Catapult
  6. Dragon

Best MWO Assault Mechs

MWO Atlas

  1. Highlander 732 / 733P
  2. Atlas D-DC
  3. Stalkers, especially 3F, 5M, and Misery (Stalker Hero Mech)
  4. Heavy Metal (Highlander Hero Mech)
  5. Victor (all variants)
  6. Atlas RS and D

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There are two extensive threads on this topic in the official forums. If you want a more in-depth comparison of these and all the other variants in the game check out these two threads:

Thread 1 by MavRCK MavRCK is an accomplished professional MWO player.

Thread 2 by 80Bit 80Bit always strives to provide information for newer players.

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