Do You Play other Games, too?

If you are looking for MWO builds, you have certainly come to the right place. However, there are many other beautiful games out there. I am reading through a lot of patch notes, game development updates, kickstarters, gaming news, guides, hints, forums and the likes on a daily basis. If I find something interesting, I’ll show it to my friends who play these games, as well. Sharing insider information the moment it is available has made me some kind of guru in my friendslist and people often turn to me if they need help with an achievement, difficult boss or can’t get a new game to work. This information is now broadly and publicly available on my new mini-blog. The main topics are (at the moment) Hearthstone, Archeage, Diablo 3, Company of Heroes 2, Mapping, Modding, E-Sports, IT Security, and SEO. This will not be yet another gaming news site, but more of a regularly updated treasure chest of dedicated gaming knowledge and insider tips speckled with relevant news for all topics and games. If you are into any of these games or topics, check it out:

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